Auto-Discovery, Inventory and CMDB

Providing outstanding visibility of your network inventory.

Nuiva’s Auto-Discovery, Inventory and CMDB Suite (ADIC) automates the discovery, mapping, and linkage of physical and logical configurations of active telecom network assets, across domains, technologies and vendors, deployed in the network. It provides an unparalleled single, comprehensive database of inventory and pre-defined configurations of network elements which can be used by all departments to help them effectively fulfil their respective functional operations.

What could you achieve with ADIC?

  • View a comprehensive library of network element types and detailed status.
  • Dramatically improved network planning and management capabilities from an accurate single source of truth.
  • Clear visibility of deployed versus retired assets for better reconciliation.
  • Massive productivity improvements and time saved by avoiding unnecessary network audits and site visits.
  • Transform data from its raw vendor format into a unified standard.
  • Flexible integration capability with 3rd party systems including PM, FM, ERP, CRM, and UTT, within the existing ecosystem.