Network Resource Management Suite

Optimizing network resource allocation with exceptional planning capabilities.

Nuiva’s Network Resource Management Suite (NRMS) is a feature-rich solution that enables the automatic, recurring discovery and management of active telecom assets deployed across your network – irrespective of their technology type or vendor source. Providing you with a vital, single source of information for your transport network operation management requirements which is essential for keeping control of your major Capex and Opex investments.

What could you achieve with NRMS?

  • Optimize control of your Capex and Opex allocation and planning through improved resource usage and control.
  • Improve your quality of service to end-users by minimizing the time taken to troubleshoot any performance degradation caused by transport network issues.
  • Seamlessly and automatically discover different nodes in the network, from different vendors, domains and technologies.
  • Streamline configuration changes on RAN and transport domains improving governance, control and automation based on any issues identified.