Network Inventory Management

Real-time visibility of your network health.

Our Network Inventory Management Service provides real-time visibility into your network inventory, including comprehensive, detailed information on devices, their locations and their status. A real must for efficient network planning, troubleshooting and optimization. With automated inventory data collection and management, we reduce the need for manual data entry and minimize the risk of errors or inaccuracies. A centralized inventory repository, accessible by all stakeholders such as network engineers, operations teams and management, enables true collaboration and informed decision-making.


Our fully customizable dashboards and reports provide you with exceptional insight into your network health, utilization and performance and ensure you can be even more proactive with your maintenance and capacity planning. Plus, we integrate seamlessly with other network management tools and systems, such as service desk, configuration management, and asset management to provide you with a unified view of your network to enhance your overall operational efficiency.

What could you achieve with Nuiva Network Inventory Management?

  • Minimize impact on business operations, reduce risk of revenue loss, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Increase operational efficiency, and reduce the time and effort required to manage and maintain network devices through access to a centralized repository of inventory data.
  • Make better, informed investment and cost management decisions based on accurate inventory information and avoid unnecessary costs associated with over- or under-provisioning network resources.
  • Identify potential security risks, such as unauthorized or outdated devices on the network, and take steps to mitigate them.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and meeting of industry standards by maintaining accurate and up-to-date inventory data.