Financial Asset Management Suite

The most accurate view of your assets’ financial status and lifecycle.

Nuiva’s Financial Asset Management Suite (FAS) enables best-in-class tracking and management of network assets from ‘cradle to grave’. It seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems and enables an accurate asset register, providing effective management of warranty terms and periods, asset locations, acceptance criteria, and more.


Workflow management capabilities are supported to govern the on-boarding of an asset from the planning phase until retirement. Uniquely, the concept of ‘an asset’ is greatly enriched through the linking of the asset to all other aspects of the Nuiva ACE solution capability (including commissioning, warranty, performance history, compliance and operational status).

What could you achieve with FAS?

  • A single accurate database that can be used by all functional teams and departments.
  • Clear visibility of the current financial status of all network assets and improved control of their lifecycles.
  • Correct asset classification, depreciation methods and current values.
  • Workflow-driven asset lifecycle management, with proper governance.
  • Ability to negotiate better with vendors based on indisputable facts.
  • Significant Capex and Opex savings.