Service Fulfilment Suite

When slashing your time to market for new services really counts.

The Service Fulfilment Suite (SFS) seamlessly integrates with installed systems and tools providing the capability to create the products and orchestrate workflows to configure and activate services for customers, with a quicker time to market. Add new services and create workflows associated with multiple tasks and teams involved in projects, including automatic resource planning and reservation.

What could you achieve with SFS?

  • Faster rollout and reduced time to market for new services with improved resource planning and management through end-to-end visibility.
  • Reduce unfulfilled customer requests by on average, more than 10%, and improve service satisfaction rates.
  • Allocate equipment, ports and circuits from planning, then assignment, to service delivery for the fixed access, MW, transport, and IP domains.
  • Seamlessly turn planned circuits into actual circuits in the live network and immediately enable auto-discovery.
  • Track the progress of a network rollout, as well as the equipment utilized in the live network.
  • Keep actual and planned network versions in sync.