Operational Excellence Suite

Transforming your operations to become service centric.

The Operational Excellence Suite (OES) enhances NOC and SOC capability through a powerful set of functionalities designed to enable end-to-end network visibility, troubleshooting and performance improvement for CSPs. This includes Intelligent Fault Management with alarm reduction, correlation, enrichment and AI-driven Root Cause Analysis (RCA); Performance Management which allows performance reporting on services, infrastructure, regions, vendors and more; and tight integration into the NOC/SOC environment to assist with and drive digital transformation and next-generation OSS.


  • Performance dashboard summary, comprising statistics and trends on links, capacity, bottlenecks, traffic congestions, multiple KPIs, and service degradation.
  • Nuiva’s drill-down capability also provides interactive features to the dashboard.

What could you achieve with OES?

  • Conduct ‘on-the-fly’ Root Cause Analysis of alarms, radically reducing MTTI and MTTR from an average of 6 hours to under 2 minutes.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by rapidly identifying affected services and, therefore, customers impacted by a specific outage.
  • Improve outage planning and effectively schedule preventative maintenance.
  • Eliminate guesswork to determine network quality degradations across the transport network.
  • Save hundreds of hours in dumps and traffic analysis, by intelligently analysing all the surrounding interconnections.