RAN Engineering

Ensure optimal network performance for the best customer experience.

Nuiva’s RAN Engineering Service includes configuration management, service fulfilment and optimization utilizing the latest innovative technologies and techniques to design and deploy bespoke customer solutions. Our proprietary OSS transformation tools and data processing algorithms are central to our RAN Engineering services - transforming network complexity into clarity for customers and helping them to achieve considerable cost savings.


Nuiva RAN Engineering ensures structured Capex usage and intelligent resolutions for network expansion and deployment. Our tools and team perform expert analysis and assessment of network functions and provide recommendations for optimal network functioning that lowers the risk of inadequately configured network elements.

What could you achieve with Nuiva RAN Engineering?

  • Reduce operational costs by minimizing downtime, optimizing resource utilization and the need for on-site maintenance and repair.
  • Improve productivity, increase revenue, and maximize your competitive edge in the marketplace by offering faster, more reliable, and more innovative services to your customers.
  • Increase network capacity to handle more users and devices, supporting business growth and expansion plans by optimizing the RAN design and configuration.